The mission of MicroLink Information Technology College is:
Transmission of multidisciplinary knowledge through teaching in order to initiate students appreciate change and development, and to stimulate a spirit of inquiry, promoting research with special emphasis being given to increasing the number of well trained research personnel who participate in development endeavor of the society in search of solutions to its multifaceted problems.

More about Microlink

Established in 1998, MicroLink Information Technology College is an ICT focused high-profile pioneer private higher-learning institution in Ethiopia. Having its main campus located at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

From its inception to date our college is of the deep belief that the future of Ethiopia is closely linked with information technology. Our future lies in how we engage the dynamic machines appropriately in fighting poverty. This in turn needs a focused training of solution developers of which our country is still hungry of. We believe we have started the race towards achieving this goal responsibly in all the years since our establishment.

The college maintained its commitment to excellence ever since its establishment in 1998 and feels proud of its accomplishments in terms of the provision of quality education by employing innovative technology in teaching and benchmarking its services against the best in the sector. This is exemplified in its mission, which identifies a perpetual goal - to achieve measurably better performance by incorporating the highest standard of information and communication technology.

Ato Dagnachew Yilma and Ato Dadi Hunde,
Among The Founders of the college.


The vision of MicroLink Information Technology College is:
To become one of the highly performing and reputable colleges/universities that promotes excellence in imparting ICT and ICT integrated knowledge and skills, by way of dissemination advanced scientific knowledge through teaching, research and technology development.

Microlink is accredited by CISCO as a CISCO local academy issuing internationally recognized certificate, Contact Us for more information

MicroLink is committed to the delivery of a first class learning environment and maintaining a high standard of ICT learning and the use of cutting edge learning facilities: a learning environment in which students flourish and grow, academically and socially, and are sought after by employers eager to acquire their evaluative and analytical skills and their determination to succeed in their chosen vocation.

The college has a proven record in the effective application of technology to deliver its educational programs, highlighted in the accreditation of Microlink by CISCO as one of very few CISCO Local Academies issuing internationally recognized certificates.

On the other hand, MicroLink is actively engaged in IT industry side by side with its training program. The extensive experience in delivering IT and IT-integrated knowledge combined with the flexible project specific methodology allowed the college to provide high-quality solutions with reasonable costs. The competencies and practices in IT services include:

  • Conducting feasibility Study of IT projects
  • Business process analysis and solution architecture
  • Enterprise-wide system design and development
  • Website design and web application development
  • Wired and Wireless Network design and implementation
  • Computer hardware and office machines maintenance
  • Mobile application development

In this regard, several working systems have been developed related with automation, academic and other industry business processes. Some of which are full fledged registrar system, multiple curriculum management system, course offering management system, instructor assignment system, scheduling system, instructor performance evaluation system, finance system, exam and grading systems, stock and sales system, and container management system.

MicroLink had been Microsoft Certified Partner for many years and it also is one of the very few institutions in our city that are Cisco Certified Partners. Contact Us for more information